These are links to commercially-available works. I have other work available for free. All my ebooks are DRM-free when possible.

Kismet: After being framed for theft, an itinerant space salvage operator uncovers a deadly conspiracy against totemics, humans remade with animal aspects, like her—a conspiracy entwined with a past she’s desperate not to face. A hard science fiction novel with transhumanist themes, strong characters, and a bisexual rat woman. Read a preview of the first four chapters for free, or read Gail’s earlier story, “Tow.”

Going Concerns is the story of Ann Swift, a L’rovri (wolf) trying to start over in Raneadhros after fleeing a threat on her life. She just wants a quiet job as an accountant, but the assassins suddenly showing up—and the flirtatious feline detective on the trail of her old case who barges into her apartment—makes that increasingly difficult. This novella is a mystery/comedy in the vein of Moonlighting, and it was nominated for the Cóyotl Award. It’s now available as a 99¢ ebook published by Pronoun.

Inhuman Acts is a noir collection, with anthropomorphic stories ranging from dark to relatively light, but mostly dark. Contributors include Mary Lowd (Otters in Space), Alice Dryden, Bill Kieffer and more, thirteen stories in total. I contributed a Florida period piece—that period being the 1970s—called “Fixer.”

The Furry Future is an anthology of (surprise) science fiction stories with anthropomorphic animal characters, presenting very different interpretations of just what that means. My contribution is “Tow,” a prequel story to my forthcoming novel Kismet, and Teagan Gavet’s cover artwork for the anthology is actually an illustration of my story! (Yes, that made me unduly happy.) Other contributors to The Furry Future include Michael Payne, M.C.A. Hogarth, Mary Lowd, Alice Dryden and Mary Lowd.

Five Fortunes consists of five novellas from different authors, including “Going Concerns.” The other novellas in the collection are from Phil Geusz, Renee Carter Hall (the Cóyotl-winning novella “Huntress”), Mary E. Lowd, and Bernard Doove.

Indigo Rain is a novella set in the world of Ranea. Roulette, a young raccoon dancer, dreams of moving to the empire’s capital city-state and marrying into a better life. After a horrifying encounter, though, she finds herself trying to stop a mysterious terrorist group that might not even exist—and finds herself drawn to a political activist about as far from her dream husband as she could get. Read a preview: Part 1, Part 2.

Why Coyotes Howl is a collection of sixteen of my stories assembled from various small press outlets, revised from their original appearances, and joining a few new ones. They include the hard sf story “Only With Thine Eyes,” fan favorite romance “Travelling Music,” and the shape-shifting title tale.