I’m Watts Martin. This is my occasionally-updated journal. You’ll also find me (also occasionally) writing articles on Medium these days; I usually write about tech there and writing/personal things here, although there may be crossover and, at times, articles posted to (or at least linked at) both places.

By trade, I’m a technical writer. Before that, I was a web developer, which explains why I’m maintaining this site in Jekyll. I’ve been writing science fiction and fantasy stories for a couple decades—mostly stories involving animal-people of one form or another, although those forms are rarely very close to either funny animal cartoons or Watership Down. I’ve been nominated for the Ursa Major and Cóyotl awards several times, which are given to, well, stories about animal-people. I won the Cóyotl for a novella called Indigo Rain.

Learn more about my stories at the “Writing” and “For Sale” pages linked above.